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Innovation and implementations are essential to solve the worsening climate crisis

A we witnessed in Maui, the impact of the wildfires is unprecedented. In the face of this tragedy, it is imperative that we do not lose to despair. Instead, we seize this moment as a clear call to action.


The wildfires that ravaged the most historical town Lahaina are not isolated incidents; they are harbingers of a larger crisis - the crisis of Climate Change. Our planet is sending us distress signals through these events, and it is our responsibility to respond with urgency.


The Global Cleantech Impact Expo is the only platform for exhibiting and showcasing cleantech companies from vertical industries that are doing important work focused on detoxifying and decarbonizing their respective industry sectors: extending product life cycles, improving business practices in manufacturing & supply chains, and developing solutions to eliminate toxic pollution & waste.


Our expo model emphasizes collaboration with traditional enterprises and governments to understand their transition to sustainability and investment priorities. Through this collaboration, we promote decarbonization efforts for assets at every stage, from production and distribution to management, and connect businesses and governments with pioneering cleantech companies and industry experts.


This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your organization's commitment to sustainability and innovation, and to position your brand as a thought leader in the cleantech space.


Climate Change cannot be fixed by holding empty talks. We must accelerate the solutions to save life on our planet. 


Your sponsorship of our Expo will sponsor and promote those ground-breaking clean technology innovators solving our climate crisis.


We will donate 10% of our sponsorship proceedings to the State of Hawaii to support its initiatives in rebuilding resilient and sustainable infrastructure in Maui.

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