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Global Cleantech Impact Expo 2024 Receives Support from the Governor's Office in Hawai'i

The Global Cleantech Impact Expo 2024, dedicated to showcasing and promoting innovative solutions to end global pollution and waste, and fostering a more sustainable planet, has garnered tremendous support from various local stakeholders in Hawaii. In a heartfelt letter of support, the Governor's office commends our commitment and shares the State's alignment with the vision of a cleaner, greener future.

The Governor's office acknowledges the expo's alignment with several statewide initiatives that aim to forge a path towards a more sustainable future. The Hawai'i’s 2050 Sustainability Plan, for instance, brings together the state's goals, policies, and actions in harmony with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the Hawai'i Tourism Authority's mission, "Mālama Ku'u Home" (taking care of my island home), and the Mālama Hawai'i initiative foster responsible tourism, urging visitors to respect and care for the environment. By highlighting these initiatives, the letter underscores the shared vision between the Global Cleantech Impact Expo 2024, local stakeholders and the State of Hawai'i. Honorable Governor Joshua Green and his office of staff expresses their pleasure in welcoming the Global Cleantech Impact Expo 2024 attendees to Honolulu, Hawaii next year.

Letter of Support for Umida Stelovska - Global Cleantech Impact Expo 2024
Download PDF • 579KB

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