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Unveiling the Sustainable Future: Announcement of Global Cleantech Impact Expo 2024 and Pacific Rim

Save your dates to join us on May 7-8, 2024 in Hawaii

As the world grapples with the urgent need to combat climate change and transition towards sustainable practices, the Global Cleantech Impact Expo 2024 (GCIE 2024) emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. This eagerly anticipated event promises to showcase groundbreaking solutions, forge valuable connections, and inspire global collaboration towards a cleaner and greener future. In this blog post, we delve into the exciting details surrounding the announcement of the GCIE 2024 and explore the potential impact it can have on shaping a sustainable world.


Cleantech, an abbreviation for clean technology, encompasses a broad range of innovative products, services, and processes that aim to minimize negative environmental impacts while maximizing the efficient use of natural resources. With increasing awareness and a growing demand for sustainable solutions, the cleantech sector has witnessed significant growth in recent years. The GCIE 2024 aims to harness this momentum and create a global platform for showcasing the latest advancements in the field.


Organized by a group of cleantech entrepreneurs who are working on the field, the GCIE 2024 is set to be the largest gathering of cleantech entrepreneurs, scientists, industry experts, policy-makers and investors from around the world.


The Global Cleantech Impact Expo 2024 aims to achieve several crucial objectives:

Showcasing Clean Technology Innovations: The event will provide a hybrid exhibition platform for companies, startups, and researchers to present their cutting-edge cleantech solutions. From renewable energy technologies to sustainable transportation, water management systems to circular economy practices, the expo will highlight the breadth and depth of innovations driving the sustainability revolution.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: The GCIE 2024 will feature a series of engaging keynotes, workshops, demonstrations and panel discussions. These sessions will foster knowledge exchange ideas, stimulate insightful discussions, and facilitate collaboration between industry leaders, policymakers, academics, and entrepreneurs. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts, gain valuable insights, and build partnerships to further advance the global cleantech agenda.

Investment and Funding Opportunities: Recognizing the critical role of financial support in scaling up cleantech innovations, the expo will provide a dedicated space for entrepreneurs and startups to connect with investors. This matchmaking platform will enable promising projects to secure the necessary funding to accelerate their growth and make a tangible impact in addressing pressing environmental challenges.

Policy Advocacy and Awareness: The GCIE 2024 will serve as a platform to advocate for supportive policies that promote the adoption of cleantech solutions on a global scale. By engaging with policymakers and raising awareness about the economic, social, and environmental benefits of sustainable practices, the event aims to drive policy reforms that facilitate the transition to a low-carbon and resource-efficient future.


Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that holds strategic importance in the context of the Pacific Rim region. It serves as a natural bridge between Asia and North America, making it an ideal location for fostering collaborations and dialogue between countries and organizations across the Pacific Rim.

Hawaii has also been at the forefront of clean energy and sustainability efforts. The state has set ambitious renewable energy goals, including a commitment to achieve 100% clean energy by 2045. With its abundant natural resources, such as solar, wind, and geothermal energy, Hawaii has been a testing ground for innovative clean technologies and a model for other regions.

The Pacific Rim Summit in Hawaii provides a platform for policymakers, industry leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, share best practices, and forge partnerships to address pressing environmental challenges. These gatherings aim to accelerate the adoption of clean technologies, drive sustainable economic growth, and create a resilient and environmentally friendly future for the Pacific Rim region and beyond.


Climate change stands as the paramount challenge of our era, and we find ourselves at a crucial juncture. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production and biodiversity to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, and increased rate of wildfires and droughts, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. No one government or company can solve this crisis alone. We all have to work together to accelerate the much-needed solutions and implement ethical business practices.

Save your dates to join us on May 7-8, 2024 in Hawaii to


We are now officially accepting cleantech startup exhibitor applications, and welcoming your partnership and support. Please, contact us to learn about speaking and sponsorship opportunities.

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